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     clash of clans astuce gemmes illimites We are proud of our forty year tradition of promoting the art, science, and spirit of  
     clowning all over Mid and Southwest Michigan.

     Everywhere we go we bump noses boom beach cheats and bring smiles

   We invite you to visit us at our Clown Alley meetings in Kalamazoo, Michigan every 3rd
   Sunday of the Month from January-May and September-November.
   Send an e-mail to Clash if you are interested in attending and want to confirm the time
    and location! We would love to meet with you! Our members are also more than
   happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.     

   Click around to see what the members of Clown Alley 44 are up to in our community and in the
   clown world!